Platform 2D Game Starter Kit

With this Starter Kit for Construct 2 Scirra, you can develop a set of Platform Game. Examples: Super Mario, Donkey Kong, Rayman, and many others. This game is compatible with the devices below: - Android, iOS, CocoonJS, Windows Store, Windows Phone, OUYA, Amazon Appstore, Intel XDK, Chrome Web Store, Firefox Marketplace, PhoneGap, Tizen, Open Web App, Kongregate, Ejects, HTML5 website, Scirra Arcade.

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Movie Review App

Android Movie Review App is for all the information about Movies and related content. this app will be helpful to Find released date of movies, you can also rate, comment and review any movies and TV shows easily!

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Classified Local Search Engine

Search Anything, Anytime, Anywhere ! using this App,Classified Local Search Engine AppThis app works as a one stop solution for all your daily needs whether its info about movies in your area , Restaurant next door , Hotels , Airlines , Resorts , Estate or as simple as the nearest ATM , it has it all.

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Motocross Madness + AdMob + Leaderboard | Games

The craziest biker's challenge in the world of android games has arrived and it's all free! Embark on a Motocross Madness mountain adventure in a race through the mountains, just like Moto x Mayhem free and prove you can be as good as any pro' biker in a free bike race to become a legend and get to the finish line the fastest!

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Android Video Status App With Reward Points (WA Status Saver) v2.0

Android Video Status App With Reward Points - the best application for earnings, watching videos in the application. There are categories such as animation, music, comedy, and you can share, easily downloading or installing import video in a social networking application.

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